Bonuses and gifts on the betbarter website

The bonus program is a kind of gift from the company to the players. It represents lucrative offers of any interest or extra chips that can be used within the service. However, it is important to remember that you will not be able to withdraw the gifted funds. All offers are divided according to which sections and how they can be received. Don’t forget about them when you start using the company’s features!

Betbarter bonuses and gifts

List of betbarter offers for players

As mentioned, all of the company’s main gift offers are categorized by betting or casino, size, and features. The overall list of the current program looks like this:

  • Century Bonus;
  • The Hundred Lottery;
  • Free Spins Burst;
  • Sports Deposit Bonus;
  • 2 Sports Cash Prizes;
  • Refer a Friend Bonus;
  • Live Casino Cashback;
  • Sportsbook Welcome Offer;
  • King of Deposit.

Each of these is your guarantee for successful games and bets, as well as increased winnings. It’s also a pretty good regulator for saving personal funds.

List of betbarter bonus offers

Century Bonus

This gift gives you INR 1000 for every century you score in an Asia Cup match. The prerequisite for receiving this gift is a minimum of 2 Asian Cup bets at minimum odds of 1.50. The features are as follows:

Running timeFrom 26.08.2022 to 11.09.2022
Which bets will count?Pre-match
Payment deadlineThe day after the promotion takes place, until 7:00 pm ET

Century Bonus Betbarter

The Hundred Lottery

This bonus will get you an INR 1 Lakh Prize. The conditions to participate are that you must place at least 5 bets at minimum odds of INR 500 each and at minimum odds of 1.50 in the Hundreds markets. Terms and conditions and features:

Number of participants50
Payout timeEvery calendar Monday until 7:00 pm ET
Promotional periodFrom 03.08.2022 to 03.09.2022

The Hundred Lottery Bonus

Free Spins Burst

This gift is particularly popular with users. In this case, everyone is eligible to take part. The total prize pool is 7,000 free spins each week. The features and conditions are as follows:

Entry conditionsPlay a total of at least INR 15,000 in any slot game from Monday to Thursday
When is the prize paid out?Every Friday until 7 pm ET
Campaign launch18.07.2022
FeatureThe free spins provided cost INR 5 each, available on Divine Lotus (Thunderkick provider) 02.09.2022, Cosmic Voyager (Thunderkick provider) 09.09.2022, Arcader (Thunderkick provider) 16.09.2022, Spectra (Thunderkick provider) 23.09.2022
Minimum number (guaranteed)5 items per user

Free Spins Bonus

Sports Deposit Bonus

This gift is that you receive a 20% weekly sports deposit bonus up to INR 10,000. In addition, this also includes up to 70 free spins. Features and conditions:

Start date28.03.2022
Terms and Conditions of UseThe gift must be redeemed using the bonus code at the time you make a deposit
Special featureAvailable for sports betting only
Key FactorTo get the gift, you must play the deposit amount 5 times and the minimum odds must be 1.5. And all this within 7 days of code activation

Sports Deposit Bonus

2 Sports Cash Prizes

This bonus consists of an amount of up to NR 1,000. The quantity is 2 pieces. In other words, it is a prize that you receive each week in two periods of INR 500 each. What features to consider:

Betting ConditionsPlace a minimum of 6 bets, with a minimum betting odds of 1.50 and a minimum INR of 1,500
Payout PeriodNext day of the period, until 7 PM ET
PeriodFrom 13.06.2022 to 31.12.2022
1st periodMonday to Thursday
2nd periodFriday to Sunday

2 Sports Cash Prizes

Refer a Friend Bonus

This bonus is a kind of referral system. In this case, you will receive a certain gift for inviting you to join the ranks of users. The conditions are as follows:

How to do?Share a link from your account with a friend to create their account
SizeINR 300 for yourself and INR 200 for a friend
How to use?Sports betting
Which bets are taken into account?At Sportsbook with minimum odds of 1.50

Refer a friend bonus

Live Casino Cashback

This bonus is suitable for those who prefer to use the Live Casino section with live dealers and real players. It differs from the others in that here you get 11% of the total amount spent, but no more than INR 11,000. The features are as follows:

Terms and conditionsPlace bets from 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM and receive cashback
Deposit24 hours after end of day
TimingFrom 05.10.2022 to 31.12.2022
Which casino games are suitable?Live casino only
Combined with other promotionsYes, stacks

Live Casino Cashback

Sportsbook Welcome Offer

Join the Betbarter sports betting sections and receive 25% bonus codes 5 times from the moment you register your account. This gift is used as a specific code which is entered during the account creation phase. Main features:

Who is it available to?Everyone who registers an account from 14.09.2022
How is it credited?To the player’s personal account
Can I withdraw?Yes, but if you do it before all bonus times have been used up, they will disappear

Sportsbook Welcome Offer

King of Deposit

A bonus that players also love because it is available to all. new and old users, as well as in any sports betting section, casino. Its features:

SizeDeposit INR 50,000 in one payment and get INR 1000 extra for free
QuantityOne bonus per day
How Do I Get It?Contact support via live chat

King of deposit Bonus


How many bonuses can be used at once?

The company’s internal rules do not impose such restrictions. Nevertheless, you should study the rules and conditions for receiving and using each one carefully.

How much percentage of each bonus amount does the company get?

The company uses the bonuses as certain gifts for the players, without receiving or taking anything in return.

What should I do if I have taken part in the bonus programme and it has not been credited?

You should contact the support team immediately to resolve the issue. You may not have fulfilled any conditions.