Betbarter’s anti-money laundering policy

As an international and reputable gambling company, we are committed to providing our players with safe and high-quality products. This relies heavily on correct payment transactions as well. In this case, one area of focus is preventing the use of services on the official website to prevent unlawful activity. Compliance with all terms and conditions in this area will protect you and other users. These include:

  • Compliance by employees with all of their duties that contribute to fraud protection;
  • The essence of the company’s work should not be aimed directly at the aggregate factor of entertaining players and making money from it, and not just for commercial reasons;
  • The company’s internal controls aim to ensure that its activities comply with all regulations relating to fraud and financial terrorism;
  • The company has a designated position, the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO), who is fully responsible for the company’s compliance with all requirements in this matter;
  • The approach to organizing the fight against these offenses is risk-based;
  • Players, as well as company employees, must comply with regulatory obligations relating to due diligence to identify risks and wrongdoing.
  • Any unlawful activity will result in a range of penalties being imposed.

The last rule is one of the main ones. If any money laundering offense is identified, a player may be subject to many types of penalties. All these rules, actions, and working closely with the players are what make up the anti-money laundering and anti-fraud policy.

Anti Fraud Policy

Penalties for breaches of the terms and conditions of the anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policy

Given all the risks, as well as the potential for players to commit illegal actions, we have established several measures that are aimed at punishment. These include:

  • Criminal and contractual sanctions;
  • Restrictions on player payments: deposits and withdrawals;
  • Imposition of penalties on the user to recover all costs and damages aimed at identifying and punishing the offender;
  • Full or temporary blocking of the account;
  • Prohibiting any activity within the website.

All these actions duly affect the entire relationship between the company and the players and their behavior within the website. This in due course does reduce the percentage of negative impact!

Possible Penalties for breaches anti-fraud policies